Best Romantic Restaurants in Cancun

The beautiful landscapes and the sunsets’ fascinating colors in Cancun create the perfect atmosphere to end a special day with a romantic dinner. If you are traveling to Cancun to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding proposal, or Valentine’s Day,  take note of these recommendations on the best romantic restaurants in Cancun.

Which are the best romantic restaurants in Cancun?

1. Thai Lounge

Thai Lounge is located inside La Isla Shopping Mall in Cancun Hotel Zone. This restaurant is one of the best Asian Kitchens immersed in the Caribbean jungle. Thai is a very romantic and private restaurant as you will be enjoying your dinner in your own little hut with a beautiful lagoon view during the sunset.

Thai Lounge Cancun
Thai Lounge Cancun, La Isla Shopping Mall

2. Navíos

Navíos will offer you and your loved one the romantic experience you were looking for. It is located in a beautiful spot with a privileged view on the lagoon side of Cancun Hotel Zone, in addition to a spectacular menu to share and enjoy from the heart.

Navios Cancun
Navíos, Cancun Hotel Zone

3. Casitas by The Ritz-Carlton

Dine in your private cabana on the beach, where the sound of the waves and the moon will complement your romantic date. Casitas is located in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The menu delightfully integrates fresh seafood and grilled steaks, wine, and delicious desserts.

Casitas, The Ritz-Carlton Cancun

4. Cenacolo

Located in the Hotel Zone, Cenacolo is one of the few restaurants in the city certified by the Italian Government as ambassadors of the authentic Italian food and traditions in Mexico. The elegant dining room and the beautiful view of the lagoon will make your dinner a magical experience.

Cenacolo Cancun
Cenacolo, Cancun Hotel Zone

5. Lorenzillo’s

Lorenzillo’s, one of the oldest restaurants in Cancun, has been a favorite among locals and tourists since its opening in 1979. Since there is a lobster farm on the premises, it is not surprising that the menu consists mainly of seafood dishes.

This restaurant in Cancun is the place to go if you want to taste a delicious menu while you enjoy wonderful views with your partner.

Lorenzillo's Cancun
Lorenzillo’s Cancun

6. Los Aluxes Restaurant

This restaurant is 45 minutes away from Cancun, but it’s totally worth mentioning.

Named after the mythical Mayan Alux, this unusual restaurant is located inside a naturally formed cave. Along with a particular atmosphere, this restaurant in Playa del Carmen is a pleasure for the palate with excellent Mexican and international cuisine.

If you are looking for a romantic and cozy getaway or a unique place to dine, look no further. Alux is more than just a restaurant; it is an unforgettable experience.

Aluxes Restaurant
Aluxes Restaurant, Playa del Carmen


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